The programs available below are freeware and largely consist of simple tools I have found usefull in the workshop.
They are not crippled or limited in any way and come with no warranty or support.
My software does not contain any form of adds, malware, spyware, viruses or trojans.

4th Axis Motor Tuning Calculator.
4th Axis Motor tuning calculator.
A simple calculator to help work out the Units per revolution when using Mach3 Control software.
4th Axis Calc
Compressed archive in ZIP format [1.5 MB]
3 Jaw Chuck offset calculator
3 Jaw Chuck offset calculator.
As an apprentice I was shown how to offset the workpiece in a 3 jaw chuck for eccentric turning, the method has served me well for many years. Thanks to Marv Koltz’s equation, here is a small program that calculates the packing required under one jaw.
3 Jaw Chuck Offset Calc
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Circumference Calculator
Circumference Calculator
Back by popular demand, a very small program that simply calculates Diameter, Radius or Circumference given any other input. Program stays on top of all other applications while running.
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Measure Tools
Measure Tools
I wrote this small program for use with machines that use tool setting probes. Saves time not having to constantly write MDI commands to load and then measure tools. This program can quickly create the GCode do the job automatically.
Also useful for loading tools where the machine does not have a ‘Next Tool’ button.
I usually create one program with the measure macro calls (e.g. G65 M9857) and another without. Pressing cycle start prepares next tool pocket for loading.
Simply click the checkboxes for the required tool and click ‘Create GCode’.
Entering the tool diameter in the adjacent Diameter box will add that tools diameter value to the end of the macro call line.
Measure Tools
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Surface Calc
Surface Calc
Calculates theoretical surface roughness for turning. Use as a guide only.
Surface Calc
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Coil Volume calculator.
Coil Volume Calculator.
Calculates internal volume and length of tubular coil.
Solves for overall height or number of coils.
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